If i could ever take time from your day, id ask for that to be now. Ten minutes, max, just hear me out. 

This is a man, i have done hours of research on after i saw this video. Here is what i have uncovered. His name is Mathew Silver, im sure some of you have seen him on youtube, or in person. He goes around New york city in his underwear, yelling, singing, chanting, trying to get people to join him. And to listen to him. He is, infact, insane. Don’t think im going to tell you he is not. But right now, i question my own sanity. Besides his absurd and obnoxious noises he makes, he has a very good idea and perception of the world. I do not know if he is homeless, id assume he is, considering what he does daily. Knowing that he may be homeless, or even if he has a home, he has little to nothing. I have only ever seen him in a shirt, and i have only seen him with objects. Things you and me would call trash. 

He is from New Jersey, i don’t know why he went to NYC. But i do know, that he performs what he, and other people call “The Wackadoodle Movement” to get people to laugh. He said he looked around the world, and wanted to see people happy again. He wants us to all be happy, and he attempts to do this by going around, acting under his age, and making weird noises. Because that is all he can do. He has nothing else to attempt to change the world. To attempt to have people “Live in the magic of now.” To have people realize life always goes on, and no matter what happens to you, you can still be happy. 

He says life is a mystery, but you still have to find purpose. He believes everyone has a purpose, even if you have to go out and find it. When he was asked, what was his most adventurous memory he simply stated “This, this is the adventure, this is the memory.” Living in the moment is his adventure, and he is always creating memories. No matter how he looks at it. Now will always be his best, and most adventurous memory. His advice to us, was to “live in the moment, don’t get old, and don’t judge people. Because you can’t be free if you judge people.” You can’t live happy, and freely, and truly be at a serenity if you are judging. “Love now, create and inspire” Love now, don’t hate, don’t be sad, just love. Love things, so much that they can’t hurt you. Create, we have to create our new world, and inspire. Don’t put people down. Encourage them, “Don’t judge” help.

He defines free by doing what you love, this, hit me. This line is what made me change my mind about him, from thinking. that he was crazy, to thinking he is a genius in a crazy way. I don’t know what else to say, besides to let you think on your own what that means to you, i feel for everyone it is different. He loves “this, the moment. love now. It repeats.” He means to love now, love the moment we are always living in. It repeats. i don’t fully understand that, but it is a thinker, and part of me thinks this is one of his crazy parts, or maybe i’m loosing the bigger picture. 

"You are already doing, you are always doing whats in your heart. You can’t get away from your heart. Because life is a paradox, its a mirror of confusion, so love now. I love all of you."

No matter what we can’t escape our heart, our sub-conscious feelings. Because life is a paradox, something that can’t be explained fully. But we do know, our feelings will always be there. Forever changing. Its a mirror of confusion, nothing will ever be perfect, and you may never fully understand whats going on. All we have to do is love now, love what we are doing now and how we are living it. And if you don’t. change it. Love what you have, love what you want to achieve, and go get it. Don’t judge, and be free. I want you to be happy, because I love you. I love all of you.

Sincerely, Your friend

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Thats because drinking makes people act like kids.

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